Leadings and ministry

This week in our Third Sunday discussion we considered what it means for a concern or ministry to grow out of the life of the meeting. How does the Meeting support an individual’s leading? What does it mean for the individuals in a Meeting if the Meeting as a whole comes under a concern?

We did not come to any conclusions other than it is important spiritual and community work, and that we intend to return to the discussion.


  • in the great Love chapter in 1 Cor. 13 cgilnang symbols .Yet it can be so easy to go down that road of people pleasing just because its the christian thing to do’ . . . And thats when we need to repent and turn our eyes back to Jesus! Just as i write this that great hymn Jesus, All for Jesus has come into my head!All Glory to Him, Amen!

  • Ida

    Im pretty sure most of us would have to check ourvleses before singing the words to it Ally, but thats a good thing is it not . . . Otherwise it wouldnt really be worship to God but rather just empty words!

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