You are Welcome Here.

Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting is a local Meeting (congregation) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).  We gather at the Cambridge Friends School, 5 Cadbury Rd Cambridge MA every Sunday at 10 am for Meeting for Worship.  See the Schedule Tab for weekly information.

The most fundamental belief of Quakers is that every person holds within them the essence of God, and can access that essence for guidance through worship and prayer.  Most of our practices evolve from this essential belief.  Briefly:

  • We worship with no pastor or professional minister. Our experience is that the Holy Spirit is present among us and will guide us.
  • Our behaviors with each other and in the world show common themes of peace, simplicity, equality, and integrity – often referred to as our testimonies. All are based on our experience of the divine acting in our lives and relationships
  • Important community decisions are made during our Business Meetings, where Friends gather together to seek and follow God’s will.

Interested in more about what to expect in Quaker Worship?  See the Meeting For Worship link above (under “The Quaker Faith TAB) for more information!  Join us!