Quaker Cornerstones

January 28, 2018 @ 11:15 am – 11:30 am
Fresh Pond Meeting
5 Cadbury Rd Cambridge MA
This year 2017/18 we will use Advices and Queries from New England Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice (our book of Quaker procedures and stories of our faith)  as a guide for reflection. As we read the Queries, it is important to hear ‘what comes up for you as we read them.’  We have established Cornerstones to keep Quaker values and beliefs present in our lives.  We invite all members, attenders and visitors to Cornerstones.  Please click on the link below to read the Advices and Queries we will explore.
The Advices for Cornerstones for January 28th consider Personal Conduct:
Personal Conduct

Let us bring the whole of our daily lives under the ordering of the Spirit. Let our faith free us from crippling fears so that we may live adventurously. In relations with others, let us exercise imagination, understanding, and sympathy. Let us live and work in the plainness and simplicity of true followers of Christ.

In view of the evils arising from the use of tobacco and intoxicating drinks and from the abuse of drugs, Friends are advised to consider whether they should refrain from using them, from offering them to others, and from having any share in their manufacture or sale. We should not let the claims of good fellowship or the fear of seeming peculiar influence our decision.

Let us maintain integrity in word and deed. Holding to the simplicity of truth, let us keep free of oaths. Remember how widespread and diverse are the temptations to grow rich at the expense of others, and how apparently harmless indulgence often leads by degrees to wrong-doing. Let us avoid and discourage every kind of betting and gambling and commercial speculations of a gambling character.

Friends have always held that the sacred nature of a sexual relationship is affirmed only in marriage. In recent times, however, some Friends have found such affirmation in other contexts. 1,et us be certain, in any case, that we hold up to the Light any sexual relationship we may be considering and reject any relationship that may violate the integrity or spiritual welfare of either of the partners or of others. No relationship can be a right one which makes use of another person through selfish desire.