Quaker Cornerstones

March 25, 2018 @ 12:15 pm – 12:30 pm
Fresh Pond Meeting
5 Cadbury Rd Cambridge MA
This year 2017/18 we will use Advices and Queries from New England Yearly Meeting’s Faith and Practice (our book of Quaker procedures and stories of our faith)  as a guide for reflection. As we read the Queries, it is important to hear ‘what comes up for you as we read them.’  We have established Cornerstones to keep Quaker values and beliefs present in our lives.  We invite all members, attenders and visitors to Cornerstones.  Please click on the link below to read the Advices and Queries we will explore.
Testimony of Stewardship this month, Fourth Sunday, Feb 25th.
These Testimonies are about the way Quakers try to lead their lives.  Putting faith into practice is something we all try to do, and we are making our truths known as we make this a reality.
The reading/advice on Stewardship below is for your consideration…
Friends are advised to consider our possessions as God’s gifts, entrusted to us for responsible use. Let us free our time and our abilities to be able to follow the leadings of the Spirit.  Let us cherish the beauty and variety of the world.  Friends are urged to speak out boldly against the destruction of the world’s resources and the difficulties that destruction prepares for the future generations.  Let us guard against waste and resist our extravagant consumption, which contributes to inequities and impoverishment of life in our own and other societies.  Let us show a loving consideration for all God’s creatures.  Let kindness know no limits.
Faith and Practice… 1985