June/July/August 2019 events:

(See below for times and descriptions – these are in addition to our weekly Meeting for Worship Sundays at 10 am))

  • Thursday June 13 M&W – 7:30 – home of Betsy and Laura
  • Sunday June 23 Baby Welcoming after meeting
  • Sunday June 23 Womens’ Group
  • Sunday June 30 Extended Worship – 9 AM
  • Sunday July 14 potluck
  • Sunday July 21 Meeting for Business (moved from original date)
  • Saturday August 3 – Thursday August 8 NEYM Annual Sessions

(Sunday) Schedule:

Meeting for Worship, 10 to 11 am

Worship begins as soon as the first person is seated in our circle. Spiritual Development First Half Hour attenders and their teachers quietly join the meeting at an appointed time (see below). At the rise of meeting there are refreshments for all.

Spiritual Development First Half Hour: 10:00 to 10:30 am

This intergenerational group for youth is offered from September through June, and explores topics of spiritual development. They join our Meeting for Worship for the second half hour. Adults (and sometimes older youth) take turns leading First Half Hour.

Childcare: 9:45 to 1 pm

Childcare for babies and toddlers is available in the gym during Meeting for Worship. These children are generally brought into Meeting for Worship at 10:45.

See Fresh Pond Meeting’s Child Safety Policy here.

After Meeting for Worship:

First Sunday: Monthly Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business — 11:30 to 1 pm

Our meeting for business is conducted in a manner similar to our worship. We listen carefully for God’s guidance — with mutual care and regard for one another’s wisdom. Ultimately, Quaker decision-making is Spirit-led, for together we seek unity with God’s will for the meeting. The co-clerks are the appointed servant leaders of our meeting.

Second Sunday: Quaker Cornerstones — 11:15 to 11:30 am

You may find previous Cornerstones information here.

In the past few years Cornerstones has blessed us with stories of an individual Friend’s personal spiritual journey​.  The focus of the story will now also be in response to any one of a number of Queries and Advices, found in the Faith and Practice of New England Yearly Meeting (our book of Quaker procedures and stories of our faith) .  As such we are deepening our conversations to be in dialog with the experience of the Friends’ tradition.

Second Sunday: Potluck — 11:30 to 12:30 pm

A monthly potluck under the care of the Worship and Ministry Committee. You are invited to share a meal with us and join in conversation and fellowship.

Third Sunday: Spiritual Growth — 11:30 to 1 pm

We join together to learn about Quaker history, spirituality, practices, and other subjects that build the life of our community.

Fourth Sunday: Women’s Group — 11:30 to 1 pm

All women are welcome. In Women’s Group we wish to create a sacred space for an intimate sharing of our spiritual journeys. Our journeys reflect the multiple roles in our lives including daughter, sister, partner, friend, wife, mother and spiritual being. They also include other aspects of our lives such as our work, our fears, our hopes and our understanding of the Spirit. Women’s Group seeks to nurture and support our individual spiritual growth. We listen carefully to each other, pray for each other and hold each other and the group in the Light.

Fifth Sunday:  Extended Worship — 9:00 am

Whenever a fifth Sunday falls in our monthly calendar, we begin worship voluntarily at 9 am for a time of “extended worship”.  Some Friends choose to begin worship at 9 am, and stay in worship until 11 am.  Others arrive and join us quietly at the 10 am time.

Upcoming Minstry and Worship meetings:

These evening weekday meetings are at 7:30 pm, in various homes.  If a meeting is on a Sunday, it is after worship.  Ministry and worship is a committee “of the whole” and open to all.  


  • Thursday, April 18, home of Lynn and Will
  • Monday, May 6, home of Linda A
  • Thursday, June 13, home of Betsy and Laura
  • Monday, July 29
  • No meeting in August, per our usual practice.
  • Thursday, September 12
  • Monday, October 14
  • Thursday, November 14
  • Monday, December 16


  • Thursday, January 16
  • Monday, February 10
  • Sunday, March 29
  • Thursday, April 16
  • Sunday, May 31
  • Monday, June 15