Meeting Tasks (set up/clean up/snack)


Meeting Task Descriptions

Meeting Tasks (Download)

Note: If you need help understanding or performing any of these tasks, ask for help!

Note: There is a box of first-aid supplies in the cabinet.



Arrive early enough to have the Meeting room chairs set up by 9:45 AM

Generally set up all the chairs on the two racks of black-framed chairs.

Generally we build outward from a rectangle which is centered in the room.  Allow enough space between rows, that others can easily move to open seats.

Raise the shades if they are down – this includes the windows, and the doors to the hallway.

If the room is cold or hot, open all the doors if it will help. Adjust the individual heaters beneath the windows, we have no control of the main thermostat.

Lights are controlled by a panel to the right of the doors as you come in.


NOTE: There’s a peanut allergy in the Meeting, so no peanuts

or peanut butter, please.


Snack provides both an opportunity for conversation, and sustenance to get both adults and children to our  next real meal. It can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. The old fallback is Bruegger’s bagels, a few blocks away on Mass Ave.  Home-made items are eagerly received, but preferably not too much real sweet stuff. Bring something to drink, and cups if you remember. Generally there are some in the cabinet, but don’t count on it.

Quantity: During the year, there are a lot of us. One dozen bagels won’t be enough.  Three dozen, is probably good, or some combination of fruit and baked goods that roughly equals that. And  1 ½ -2 gallons of juice.

Reimbursement: The Meeting currently reimburses you $25 for bringing snack. It is not expected to cover the full cost, but to make it more manageable.

Clean-up. If you have brought snack, you will need to oversee the cleanup. Take any extra food, put trash in a garbage can, and wipe off the table. If you move a table to put the snack on, move the table back when you’re done. Check the floor –  and clean up if it needs it.



Stack all the chairs on their  respective carts., check that the room is neat, lower the shades, and turn off the lights.



Care of Worship involves praying for the worship, being attentive to the state of the Meeting,  and breaking Meeting. Those who accept this responsibility are encouraged to spend time in prayer for the Meeting during the week leading up to Meeting.  They are asked to settle into worship a few minutes before 10:00, and to pray for the Meeting for Worship. When they sense that the worship is over, they will close with a handshake, and proceed with announcements, First Day School reports and introductions. Generally, the person with care of Meeting holds the clipboard during worship.  


  • Clipboard: If you have Care of Meeting, you should obtain the clipboard before entering worship. The clipboard lives in the cabinet during the week, but sometimes is brought to the greeter by the person who opens the building.
  • Announcements: Stand and speak loudly. Welcome friends to Fresh Pond; introduce the clipboard and start its travel; ask for announcements, reminding Friends to check the bulletin board for longer notices; ask for 1st day school reports; and begin introductions.


At some point when most Friends have left the Meeting room, retrieve the clipboard and pass it on to the person who has Care of Worship the following week. If that person is not present, put the clipboard in the cabinet, or if no one is signed up, try to find someone.

If you are interested, but have not taken this responsibility before, we encourage you to consult with a seasoned Friend.


The greeter provides an important role for Sunday morning worship, including welcoming newcomers and helping to establish a sacred space for worship.

The greeter should arrive not later than 9:40 AM, taking up a post near the door. Regular attenders will be met  with a smile and familiar greeting, where newcomers may benefit from some conversation about Fresh Pond Meeting.

As 10:00 approaches, the greeter will encourage those still in the hallway to enter the Meeting Room. The greeter will close the door(s) to the Meeting Room as soon after 10:00 as seems appropriate.

As worship gathers and deepens, it is useful for the greeter to help that process by spacing latecomers’ entry into the Meeting room. The greeter should encourage Friends in the hallway to join in the spirit of worship, and center as they wait. 10 to 20 minutes after closing the doors, the greeter may allow latecomers in  as a group after checking that vocal ministry is not in process or recently ended. Others may be allowed in as seems appropriate, guarding against excessive traffic in and out of the meeting room, which can impact the quality of worship. We encourage the greeter to remain in the hallway as a service and ministry to the Meeting, until all the children have entered. However, if the greeter is moved to enter the Meeting room with latecomers, s/he should choose a seat which allows a view of the outside door, and remain prepared to rise and let someone in. The school has asked us not to leave the outside door propped open at any time.




If you have the key, you should arrive no later than 9:30 to open up.

Please see the key clipboard, or a Friend in the meeting, to recieve specific instructions regarding the setting/disarming of the school alarm.

Next Steps:

  1. Proceed to the sign-in book  at the front desk and register Fresh Pond Meeting, with the time you arrive.
  2. Open the cabinet (the key is on the ring) and take the clipboards to the door near the Meeting Room so it will be available for Friends to see who has the various responsibilities for the day, and for the person who has care of Meeting.
  3. Prop open the door by the Meeting Room, and open the gate to the courtyard.
  4. Hang the banner on the gate barrier to the courtyard
  5. Attach the key to the clipboard, or pass it on to the Friend who has signed up for the key for the next week.


After Meeting: If you have taken the key for next the next Sunday, you have the following responsibilities (and others usually will help):

  1. Be sure the Meeting room is back in order: chairs put away, windows & doors closed, shades lowered
  2. Put the Clipboard back in the cabinet and lock the cabinet
  3. Be sure the Gym is neat and free of our toys.
  4. Check the sign-in book at the front desk and sign out FPM out, with the time you are leaving.
  5. If someone else is signed into the building, you do not need to set the alarm.
  6. If no one else is signed into the building, then set the alarm: (Again, see clipboard/expereinced Friend for directions regarding the alarm)


If others are still around when you want to leave, you may pass on any of these responsibilities, but you should make it clear to one or more people what you need them to do.

In case of emergency involving the school building, call 617-285-5155

Alarm issues: American Alarm, 781-859-2700