Quaker Dinner Church

Quaker Dinner Church Opens in Boston

Dec 11, 2017
Kristina Keefe-Perry

On Saturday December 2nd, 27 folks gathered in Somerville, Massachusetts for the first Quaker Dinner Church Boston. The cozy rented recital room in Union Square was transformed with tables, candle lighting, worship, song, and prayer. There was a brief period of reflection before open worship, followed by related queries we considered and responded to over our shared meal. When the came time to leave, folks lingered, not wanting to stop the conversation. The energy and enthusiasm was palpable.

Beyond Quakerism the dinner church movement has grown in the last 8 years. Every place where people are using it to experiment has its own feel, but one commonality exists across them all. Each dinner church is based on using a language spoken by all—food. Gathering for a hearty meal at a table with real dishes and silverware, the services aim to feel like a dinner party, fostering conversation among people who might otherwise never meet. Quaker Dinner Church Boston co-creates such a dinner with the goal of supporting formation, encouraging people to walk with one another, and fostering a space for people to bring their questions and desire for conversation. The event is a Christian space that is welcoming to folks who are brand new to Quakerism and hopes to be spiritually deepening for all who are present.

The next Quaker Dinner Church Boston will take place in early January. The planning team is looking for a larger (affordable) space and will announce the exact date and location soon. Check out our Facebook page to keep current on where and when we gather.

Buen Provecho!

Kristina Keefe-Perry, host
Quaker Dinner Church Boston

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