Extended Worship

This Sunday, Jan 31, we will continue our occasional practice of having extended worship. For those who wish for a longer opportunity to experience the peace and divine presence, we begin worship at 9:00. Friends are welcome to join us at any time after that, we ask only that you enter the room, respectful of those who are already in worship. We close at our usual 11:00.

Leadings and ministry

This week in our Third Sunday discussion we considered what it means for a concern or ministry to grow out of the life of the meeting. How does the Meeting support an individual’s leading? What does it mean for the individuals in a Meeting if the Meeting as a whole comes under a concern?

We did not come to any conclusions other than it is important spiritual and community work, and that we intend to return to the discussion.

Third Sunday Discussion

January 17th is the third Sunday — and that means our Third Sunday Program is coming up next weekend. The session will run from 11:30 AM until 1pm and will be facilitated by Kristina and Callid Keefe-Perry, who will facilitate us in the exploration of what it means to “carry a concern:” the ways that we listen for and respond to leadings from the Divine, and what we can do as a meeting community to encourage and support one another in our responses to God’s call.

Busy Weekend

This was a busy weekend for Fresh Pond Friends:
*On Friday, Kristina brought flowers and cards as a gesture of support and compassion to two Islamic centers.

*On Saturday, a number of Fresh Pond Friends marched in the Jobs-Justice-Climate march, and

*On Sunday we were visited by the Boston QVS fellows. We hope they will come again!

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