Minute of Exercise

Ministry and Counsel met to discuss the state of Meeting for Worship and vocal

ministry (or lack thereof). The following ideas are commended to Friends for prayerful consideration:

The quality of our ministry and worship is directly related to our preparations for Meeting such as regular inspirational reading, prayer, meditation or quiet time.

Worship is deepened when the community becomes spiritually intimate with each other.

Providing Service to others is a way our community can expand our perceptions.

We are challenged to keep our spiritual goals focused in spite of the busyness of our lives.

In Meeting for Worship we can pray on behalf of the Meeting, that we be given the ministry we need.

As participants in Meeting, we should all feel enabled to minister from where we are when called. It is not necessary to have achieved some specific level of growth. All are encouraged to minister when called.

By being centered ourselves and faithful in Meeting, we are enabling others. Those having difficulty centering can try to focus on a centered friend nearby.


December 5, 1993