Our current weekly meeting for worship has changed with the introduction of hybrid technology, allowing us to to worship in person and online.  Please see our online worship page for more information!

What to expect on Sundays

We sit in a circle of chairs or wherever we are as we attend by Zoom.  In the meeting room at Cambridge Friends School  there are no assigned seats.  Worship “begins” when the first person sits in the quiet.  We sit in the silence, listening for what we sometimes call “the still, small voice” or “Inner Teacher” – a nudge from the divine, shared by everyone in the room.  Someone present may feel an urge to rise and speak a few words, or thoughts that have come to them.  We call this a “message”.  Other times, we might sit in silence the entire time, listening inwardly.

Youth programming and childcare currently in flux while we adjust to hybrid technology.  We welcome children to join us in worship if they are able to sit quietly–which might mean reading, drawing, or playing with soft ‘quiet’ toys we can provide. If you have a question about a particular Sunday that you would like to attend, please contact the co-clerks of the meeting at

When almost an hour has passed, the Friend who has “care of worship” will ask those present to share joys, sorrows, and concerns out of the worship.  At this time, anyone can share something out of the silence – allowing for space in between for reflection.

As the hour comes to a close, the Friend who had care of meeting will shake the hand of the person next to them – indicating meeting has ended.  We all then shake hands, greet each other, and listen to announcements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I wear? Dress is casual and comfortable.

How do children participate? Children attending in person are welcome to join in worship with their parents.  Some Sundays we offer a specific program during our worship time, which may be an intergenerational activity or a prepared lesson and discussion.  Our greeter at the door can assist you. ANY child is also welcome to sit with adults in worship for the entire time.  Children are welcome to read, draw, or play with soft toys that we have available.  When children are restless and need to run around we have access to a gym, and can send an adult with you and your children for some play time.

Where should I sit? You may sit in any open seats in the room.  If you have trouble hearing, you might want to sit closer to the front rows.

Where is parking? Public parking for meeting is in the school’s side lot, by the entrance in the courtyard, or along Cadbury Road in front of the school.  Handicap spaces are closest to the courtyard entrance (the entrance we use), and our “Fresh Pond Meeting” hanging sign.

Are you handicap accessible? We are wheelchair accessible.  We currently do not have a hearing assist system.  Please contact the clerks if you have specific needs.

Why do you call this “meeting” and not “church”? Quakers call the “Church” the body of worshippers.  The actual time of worship (not always on Sundays) is called a “Meeting for Worship”.

How can I find out more about Fresh Pond Meeting, and about Quakers in general? See the rest of these pages, and you are welcome to email the clerks at freshpond@neymorg.  One of the clerks will respond and could arrange a call, if you desire. At the rise (end) of meeting for worship, the Friend with care of worship can also answer questions you may have.