Banner Policy

We occasionally use the Fresh Pond Meeting Banner at public events, to call attention to our presence there. The policy for use of the banner is:

“In general, use of the banner should be discerned and approved by the Monthly Meeting for Business. For events that we have attended together in the past, we expect t approval to be fairly routine, though we ought to remain alert to changes in the nature of events or their sponsoring groups. If we get word of an event that will occur before the next regular Meeting for Business, we will seek to convene a Called Meeting for Business to consider taking the banner to the event. If time does not allow this, then meeting members will be notified by email and clerks may make a decision about taking the banner. Friends proposing the use of the banner at public events should provide information about the nature of the event and the sponsoring groups. We will keep a record of the banner’s use.”

Events where the banner has been carried or on display:
Gay Pride Parade

Mother’s Day Walk for Peace