Funds for Helping Fresh Pond Friends

Fresh Pond Meeting maintains modest amounts of money to assist its members in a variety of situations.

Pastoral Care Funds are held, ready for the possibility of either financial or emotional need. Anyone needing modest financial support should apply to either of the co-clerks of the Meeting, or either of the co-clerks of Ministry and Worship. Two of this group will consult with each other, and on agreement, will request a check from the Treasurer. A Pastoral Care request will be considered confidential, and will not be brought either to a Ministry and Counsel or to Business Meeting.

Spiritual Seed Money FPMM would like to support Friends in deepening their spiritual lives. Spiritual Seed money is available to support attending a Quaker conference (including NEYM Sessions), retreats, literature, and other expenses which may be useful. You may apply to the clerk(s) of the Gifts and Leadings Committee. Requests will be discussed at a G & L meeting. Friends who know that such assistance would be of use to a fellow FPMM member/attender may make a suggestion on their behalf, but should notify that person. Gifts and Leadings may also make funds available to members of the Fresh Pond Community on its own action without having a nomination.